Cortez sign with Ripple Music

Hey all, as Ripple Music announced earlier, we have signed to be included on an upcoming volume of their “Second Coming Of Heavy” split album series. We couldn’t be happier! More to come.


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Cortez sign with Salt Of the Earth Records

We’ve signed with Salt Of the Earth Records for the release of our new album “The Depths Below”. We’ll let you all know as soon as the release date has been confirmed.


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New show! Brooklyn, NY – August 5

We’re playing at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn, NY on Friday August 5. Mighty High, Geezer, and Wasted Theory will be ripping it up with us.


Doors: 8pm
First band: 9pm SHARP!!!!

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New show! Philadelphia, PA – August 4

We’re playing at The Tusk in Philadelphia, PA on Thursday August 4. Wasted Theory, Heavy Coughin, and Double Planet will be joining us in the ruckus raising.


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New show!! Providence, RI – June 23

Our next show is Thursday June 23rd at Firehouse 13 in Providence, RI. We’re supporting Black Pussy along with Oxblood Forge and Heavy Necker.

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Do you like free music?

Hey folks, we’re aware that things have been quiet in the Cortez camp lately. We assure you that our newest album “The Depths Below” IS indeed complete and will be released sometime in the not too distant future.

As a little teaser, we recorded a cover of the classic Coverdale/Huges era Deep Purple track Stormbringer (written by Blackmore, Coverdale) with Benny Grotto at Q Division, Mad Oak Studios, and Moontower Recording Studio. Jeff Lipton at Peerless did the mastering. The track is now live on our Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages for free. We sincerely hope ya dig it, and if you do please share it!

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Cortez Finish Work on New Album The Depths Below

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Good news from the camp of Allston, Massachusetts, heavy rockers Cortez. The five-piece outfit have finished work on their impending sophomore full-length, and unveiled the title as The Depths Below. They began the recording process last December with the esteemed Benny Grotto at the helm at Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA, and have gradually chipped away at the tracks — names like “Farewell to Kings” and “Orison” have been leaked — since then at both Q Division and the seemingly-compatriot Moontower Recording Studio, taking time here and there for gigs at the now-defunct TT the Bear’s Place — I’ll buy it; sign me up — and at the Grub, Sweat and Beers fest with Shatner, Hessian, Set, Gozu, Blackwolfgoat, Conclave and a host of other local heavy luminaries.

No public word on the release plan for The Depths Below — which is to say, if Cortez know when or how it’s coming out, they haven’t posted about it — but when it arrives, it will be the follow-up to 2012’s self-titled debut (review here) and their 2014 split single with Borracho (semi-review here) and their first full-length outing since they added Alasdair Swan on second guitar alongside the established four-piece of six-stringer Scott O’Dowd, vocalist Matt Harrington, bassist Jay Furlo and drummer Jeremy Hemond. Naturally one expects that shift in dynamic will show itself in the material, but we may yet be a while off from finding out exactly how. A 2016 seems fair to expect, but one never knows. Could show up earlier if the art and pressing plans are done.

More info when I see or hear it, but for now, their announcement of the record’s completion was quick and victorious:


Our new album is finished and has been mastered. We have settled on the title “The Depths Below”. It didn’t take quite as long to finish as GnR’s Chinese Democracy, and unlike that album, we’re confident that it’ll have been worth the wait.

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New show announcements!

We’ve been a bit quiet lately while we work on completing our new album (more on that later), but we have booked a few select shows this summer. The first of which is Friday June 5 at Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, NY. This is guaranteed to be a ripper. We’re playing with Mirror Queen, Borracho, and The Brought Low. We are on first, so get there early!

The second is at Cambridge institution TT the Bear’s Place (which is sadly closing it’s doors for good at the end of July) on Friday June 26 for The Under‘s CD Release. Await Rescue and Das Muerte are also playing.

The third show will be Jim from Shatner & Doug from Gozu’s Grub, Sweat, and Beers two-day BBQ / show extravaganza at O’Brien’s in Allston, MA on Sunday July 19. There will be a ton of other awesome bands playing. See for yourself as soon as the lineups are introduced.


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Studio Update

It’s been a little while since we’ve updated the ‘ol website so here’s some information to fill you all in.

We’ve begun the process of recording our new album. Basic tracks were recorded December 5-7, 2014 at Q Division studios in Somerville, MA with Benny Grotto at the helm. Scott then laid down rhythm guitar tracks with Benny at Mad Oak in Allston, MA, followed by Alasdair a couple of weeks later. We’re hoping to have it finished by early Spring this year. Here’s a teaser of an as yet untitled new song while we were listening back to Alasdair’s guitar track.

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Our song “Satan” used in episode of One Lungers

Our song “Satan” from our self titled LP has been used in an episode of One Lungers: Stories of Vintage Snowmobiling in Minnesota. The series documents snowmobilers who customize their sleds much like rat rodders did with their hot rods. Interesting and definitely fitting subject matter as Old Man Winter rears his ugly head.

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